---------------64 BIT SYSTEMS ................... Manx Synths run natively in 32bit, but work just fine in some 64bit DAWs - however, bridging software may required to wrap the Manx synth. The use of bridging software may not work with some systems.  The best way to find out is to try our demos - If they work, the retail versions will work as well. You will have to research bridging software for your particular 64bit DAW - hopefully there will be free-ware  alternatives. Please note: when using Manx products in a 64bit environment (using bridging software) be sure to copy both the .dll and accompanying folder to your VST Plugins location.
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MANX News: January 2015
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Hi, welcome to Manx Synthesizers.  We specialize in recreating analog audio equipment in software; It’s far from a unique pursuit but we hope you will think our instruments are unique - ....and we have tried to make them very accessible to you; all commercial instruments have demo versions which never expire - you don’t need to sign up in order to get them and installation is as easy as extracting from a RAR file to your VST plugins folder.
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Manx Synthesizers: Pioneers in Audio Software Engineering.
( Price is set as ‘introductory’ and may go up in due course.)
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( Price is set as ‘introductory’ and may go up in due course.)
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There are still some minor issues which we would like to sort out, as time permits, and work will no doubt continue on refining the current range of Manx software instruments.  (Updates are always made available at no charge.)
All Synthesizers now available to buy! All Synthesizers updated to version 1.2  ( this version number is subordinate to the ‘V2’ declaration in some of the synth’s names.) Most notable recent changes include CPU   performance improvement and low pass filter refinement - the latter provides filters with more depth at high resonance settings. Unfortunately, there is a little bit of extra CPU overhead, but this is only when the resonance control is set at higher settings.