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Visualisation of the XS-4 as an entity of the night. Current Developments Damianís Blog Technical  Considerations About Manx Synthesizers
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Hi, I’m Damian, one of the original co-founders and general advocate of Manx Synths. I currently spend my time responding to customers and emails; I’m also involved in running the website, so I thought I might reserve this space to provide an informal ‘blog’ about anything which may be of interest. Today, I’m just going to talk about the synths. We are in the process of rolling out audio samples of ‘patches’ for all our instruments; rather than sequencing we’ve found recording live into VSTHOST to be much more spontaneous  - at the risk of producing a less polished demo, the audio capabilities are showcased appropriately - it’s just the keyboard playing which is open to ridicule (my keyboard playing).  If any keyboard player would like to give us a hand and send in a demo of a Manx Synth at work we would be very grateful and the best of the best would at some point, no doubt, find their way onto the website (credited).  ( No effects other than reverb or delay only please. ) The process of producing demos has been more difficult and taken more time than was anticipated because this has been the time that we have really got to play around with the instruments, rather than just performing prescribed testing. It’s thrown up a lot of practical issues and bugs which we weren’t even aware of because they only emerge under very specific parameter settings. The result has been a period of refinement and updating - not really a major hassle for our early adopters, I hope, because they can download the latest builds at any time. However, this may have lead to the impression that the Manx instruments are not at a stable point in their development right now - and if so, then I think that impression would be incorrect. There are no plans, in the immediate future, to extend the functionality of the instruments, or alter the action of the existing functionality.  We do, however, want to stamp out any bugs which come to our attention. CPU performance may see some improvement as we constantly like to review this. We would certainly like to resist the temptation to add on board effects; external VST effects are by no means in short supply.  The thinking is that having on board effects may be helpful in providing immediate ‘wow’ factor when showing off a synth but ultimately, effects would usually be tailored to the environment, rather than the patch, whether that environment is a studio mix or a theatre’s acoustics.  Mind you, use of the SJ-2 patch ‘brass swell’ without bucket loads of reverb is strictly forbidden. We do want to re-do the patch libraries on all instruments because currently they do not fully showcase the power of the instruments. For example the ‘Laser Harp’ audio demo for the SJ-2 is a different preset to the one called laser harp in the SJ’s default library - it’s a better one which we came up with for the demo (pwm instead of saw). What we really want to do now is begin the nightmare of broadening our scope to provide Mac comparability. Hopefully the blog won’t always be as dull as this - there again, sometimes there may be nothing to say at all. Best wishes, Damian, Manx Synthesizers advocate.
March 2015
All Synthesizers now updated to version [2] 1.3. - the improvements are too many to list.  CPU usage is up just a very small bit, but only in some circumstances.  Ambient CPU use, where the instrument does not make any sound but still sucks CPU cycles has been eliminated. (The Destiny v2 still exhibits this for various good reasons but it is now minimal.) Of course, previous customers can get the 1.3 versions free of charge.
We’ve updated all the the user guides since February 2015; the improvements are mainly cosmetic but there is a tiny amount more information in some of them.
---------------64 BIT SYSTEMS ...................
Manx Synths run natively in 32bit, but work just fine in some 64bit DAWs - however, bridging software may be required to wrap the Manx synth. The use of bridging software may not work with some systems or DAWs.  The best way to find out is to try our demos - if they work, the retail versions will work as well. You will have to research bridging software for your particular 64bit DAW - hopefully there will be free-ware alternatives. Please note: when using Manx products in a 64bit environment (using bridging software) be sure to copy both the .dll and accompanying folder to your VST Plugins location.
Hi, welcome to Manx Synthesizers.  We specialize in recreating analog audio equipment in software; we ‘work out of a garage’ which we believe is the traditional route. Why would you want to buy a Manx synth ? - well, if you like the sound, that might be the reason. So we have tried to make that sound readily accessible ; besides the audio demos, all commercial instruments have free demonstration versions which never expire - you don’t need to sign up in order to get them and installation is as easy as extracting from a RAR file to your VST plugins folder.
Manx Retro Synth Classic of the Month:   March Break Machine - Street Dance  1984     (Definitely SJ-2 territory)
Damian’s Previous Musical Adventures: ‘Optimal Tunes 2015’  - moody club / dance tracks Please note that this material does not feature any Manx synthesizers at all, simply because it was recorded before Manx Synths existed. (How I wish Manx synths were available at the time - it would have cut out an awful lot of misery!)
09 April 2015 - April’s blog coming soon......