With a long standing interest in the design & implementation of analog synthesizers using solid state technology, you would be right in assuming that we're fairly puritanical about the sound these machines produce. But rather than reject the concept of digital analog emulations, we've come to view the pursuit of authentic analog emulation as an exciting challenge. In our opinion, this challenge still has yet to be fully met, but we feel the range of software synthesizers currently available from Manx come closer than any others- this is not only our key objective, it's our only objective! Of course, we would think that, but we back the claim up with free to download ‘demo versions’ of all Manx Synths. You may also regard these as free versions, since they never expire & offer all the functionality of the retail products. The only restriction is a one second audio drop out, once every two minutes; so get downloading, and grab some copies!
                             Products All Manx synthesizers are analog emulations - each have a unique sound and features. -The Super-Jay polysynth, inspired by one of the most desirable analog synths ever! For those who appreciate the Jupiter 8 and its rack mount counterpart, the MKS-80 . -The Bit100, classic fat 1980's analog polysynth. Tribute to the Crumar* Bit One polysynth (Crumar brand is copyright of VM Connection). -The Gigmate, originally a monosynth for every household - now a Manx for every household. A tribute to the Concertmate MG-1 monosynth. -The Destiny, simulating old school analog electronics at their finest. For those who like the Arp Odyssey. - The MM+ monosynth, inspired by one of the earliest and most loved examples of vintage analog gear. For those who appreciate the classic sound of the Minimoog. - The XS-3 polysynth, inspired by a subgroup of awesome sounding 1980's DCO classics. Tribute to the Poly 800, DK-80 and SX500 DCO based polysynths.
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Audio Examples You can find audio samples of all our instruments on their respective pages.  In addition, we have recreated some famous pieces of synthesizer music using our range of synthesizers. Please have a listen...
Everything you hear comes from a Manx Synthesizer, except for the timpani part. The synth parts are mainly from the Super-Jay, although there is an MM+ bass line low in the mix & some Destiny here & there. In order to showcase the performance of Manx Synthesizers were prefer to avoid using EQ, and in this track, there is no EQ used at all on individual tracks; just a little top end added to the overall mix. There is, however, more than a smattering of external reverb
All the synth parts are from Manx Synthesizers and the entire range is used in the track. Note that piano, drums & slap bass are NOT from Manx synths. The Middle eight bass line is from the MM+. External effects are used in the production but we have not used any EQ on any of the individual tracks. I hope you like it!
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The sound quality of Manx synths beat all other analog emulations into a cocked hat!  Don’t talk our word for it; get downloading and find out for yourself.