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Audio Examples (Previous Versions) You can find audio samples of previous versions of all our instruments on their respective pages.  In addition, we have recreated some famous pieces of synthesizer music using our range of synthesizers. Please have a listen...
Everything you hear comes from a Manx Synthesizer, except for the timpani part. The synth parts are mainly from the Super-Jay, although there is an MM+ bass line low in the mix & some Destiny here & there. In order to showcase the performance of Manx Synthesizers were prefer to avoid using EQ, and in this track, there is no EQ used at all on individual tracks; just a little top end added to the overall mix. There is, however, more than a smattering of external reverb
All the synth parts are from Manx Synthesizers and the entire range is used in the track. Note that piano, drums & slap bass are NOT from Manx synths. The Middle eight bass line is from the MM+. External effects are used in the production but we have not used any EQ on any of the individual tracks. I hope you like it!
Site last updated: July 2014
News: July 2014. We’re now in the process of transitioning all Manx products to Version 2. The retail versions will start coming on-line within the next two weeks. Prices have yet to be decided, but we like to be reasonably priced! Currently, all synths have demonstration versions available for download now! These will give you an idea of what to expect when the whole range is rolled out. In addition, Version 2 of the free Manx Gigmate is available now for download! We’re running about 3 weeks behind schedule; I hope to see retail versions appearing from 20th July onward. All Demonstration versions and the Gigmate have been re-uploaded on the 5-7-14, with improvements mainly focusing on filter resonance. Customers who own previous versions of our synths will be entitled to the new versions free of charge, when they are available. They will install along side previous versions but patches will be non-transfereble.
Please note: when using Manx products in a 64bit environment (using bridging software) be sure to copy both the .dll and accompanying folder to your VST Plugins location.