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Visualisation of the XS-4 as an entity of the night. Current Developments Damianís Blog > Technical Considerations About Manx Synthesizers
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Hi, I’m Damian, one of the original co-founders and general advocate of Manx Synths. I currently spend my time responding to customers and emails; I’m also involved in running the website, so I thought I might reserve this space to provide an informal ‘blog’ about anything which may be of interest.  April’s blog failed to materialize - sorry about that; I’ve been bogged down rather more than expected with rectifying bugs and other issues with the current product line-up. Most of these issues resulted from earlier updates to the internal workings which took place in February; whilst these have sweetened the sound somewhat, I wish now that we had worked them into each instrument individually rather than one great batch. Most recent versions were uploaded around 26th April and I think we have now got things under control although, as every programmer knows, ‘ there’s always one more bug’.   Work has already started on the next phase of our Journey - to build a  sequel to the SJ-2.  This will be developed in native code and will be thus, 64-bit ready and work on both PC and Mac formats.  The sound and functionality will be similar to the SJ-2 with the same filter and envelope designs. A working title for the instrument should be Manx SJ-3. As I say, we have started already - here’s a visual representation of how far we have got so far: I hope to build up this image over the coming weeks and months to reflect actual progress with the SJ-3. In the meantime, using some kind of bridging device to run Manx synths within a Mac host does not appear to be possible right now, but should at least facilitate running our software on 64bit systems.  I did hear that the latest version of Cubase has such a bridge installed as an integral part of its architecture (please let me know if I have got this wrong). For other DAWs, ‘J-Bridge’ is looking quite promising. This is not free-ware, but retails at a very reasonable 14.99€. However, I’ve not had a chance to try it yet with Manx synths so I cannot confirm that it works. If anybody who has J-Bridge would like to try it with our demo versions, we can trade ‘a report on using J-Bridge with Manx demos’ with a free retail synth of your choice. Likewise, if anybody can email evidence of a Manx synth demo working using V-Machine, then that information would be welcome enough to warrant the issuance of a retail synth. We can confirm that all Manx instruments work within a 64bit system running ‘VST Host 64 bit’ by Hermann Seib. More from me in July. Best wishes, Damian, Manx Synthesizers advocate.
May 2015
Since March further work has been undertaken, involving lots of bug testing and sorting out issues which have come up.  Things are certainly settling down now, but there’s always one more bug....
Work has started on creating a sequel to the SJ-2, without the use of middle-ware. When complete this instrument will run natively in 64bit and be available for both Mac & Windows formats. A timetable for its completion and release has not been set at this time, but you can view progress by checking out Damian’s blog (below).
---------------64 BIT SYSTEMS ...................
Native 64bit plugins may be able to process audio data more efficiently, reducing CPU load. In terms of audio quality, 32/64 bit native processing doesn’t make any difference - audio quality is affected by sample rate and sample bit depth - these can be adjusted in your DAW. Manx Synths run natively in 32bit, but work just fine in some 64bit DAWs - however, bridging software may be required in some instances. The latest edition of Cubase 64 may run 32 bit instruments (there are many) without the need for an external bridging software. Please check the Cubase web- page for details on this.  VST Host 64 runs Manx synthesizers with no problems. For other 64 bit DAWs, ‘J-Bridge’ looks promising (though we haven’t had a chance to check this yet.) Please note: when using Manx products in a 64bit environment (using bridging software) be sure to copy both the .dll and accompanying folder to your VST Plugins location.
Hi, welcome to Manx Synthesizers.  We specialize in recreating analog audio equipment in software; we ‘work out of a garage’ which we believe is the traditional route. Why would you want to buy a Manx synth ? - well, if you like the sound, that might be the reason. So we have tried to make that sound readily accessible ; besides the audio demos, all commercial instruments have free demonstration versions which never expire - you don’t need to sign up in order to get them and installation is as easy as extracting from a RAR file to your VST plugins folder.
May / June
Manx Retro Synth Classic of the Month(s):  May / June Jeff Beck - Two Rivers  1988     (yes, there’s some breathtaking guitar & percussion in there too)
Damian’s Previous Musical Adventures: ‘Optimal Tunes 2015’  - moody club / dance tracks Please note that this material does not feature any Manx synthesizers at all, simply because it was recorded before Manx Synths existed. It has been edited more recently - this year, infact.  Manx synthesizers woud have helped in the creation of tis music, had they been available at the time.
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