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Audio Examples (Previous Versions) You can find audio samples of previous versions of all our instruments on their respective pages.  In addition, we have recreated some famous pieces of synthesizer music using our range of synthesizers. Please have a listen...
Everything you hear comes from a Manx Synthesizer, except for the timpani part. The synth parts are mainly from the Super-Jay, although there is an MM+ bass line low in the mix & some Destiny here & there. In order to showcase the performance of Manx Synthesizers were prefer to avoid using EQ, and in this track, there is no EQ used at all on individual tracks; just a little top end added to the overall mix. There is, however, more than a smattering of external reverb
All the synth parts are from Manx Synthesizers and the entire range is used in the track. Note that piano, drums & slap bass are NOT from Manx synths. The Middle eight bass line is from the MM+. External effects are used in the production but we have not used any EQ on any of the individual tracks. I hope you like it!
Site last updated: August 2014
News: August 2014. We’re now in the process of transitioning all Manx products to Version 2. Currently, all synths have demonstration versions available for download now! These will give you an idea of what to expect when the whole range is rolled out. In addition, Full Version 2 of the FREE Manx Gigmate is available now for download! By all means, let us know if you like what we are doing!                          -------SCHEDULE------- The Gigmate & all demo synths have undergone further refinement in August - Most recent versions were uploaded on 2nd August. This additional work has been well worth while but it has set our schedule back still further and as a result we’re still at least 2 weeks away from releasing commercial software.                      ------ New Audio Demo ------ We have at last got an audio demo to showcase the new Manx V2 capabilities - It’s ‘Yazoo - Don’t Go’; a gritty hit back in the 1980’s.  Performed using the Manx Destiny V2 Free (non expiring) demo version, supplemented by some Roland TR-808 samples and plenty of external reverb! Thanks very much to Peahix who provided the arrangement.  PRICING: As a rough guide, The Original Manx synths ranged from about £15 - £40 pounds. These prices are to be reviewed but we like our products to be priced reasonably, regardless of what they have to offer. LIFE LONG COMMITMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS : Customers who own previous versions of our synths will be entitled to the new versions free of charge, when they have been finished. They will install along side previous versions but patches will be non-transferable.
64 BIT SYSTEMS : Manx Synths run natively in 32bit, but work just fine in some 64bit DAWs - however, bridging software may required to wrap the Manx synth. The use of bridging software may not work with some systems.  The best way to find out is to try our demos - If they work, the retail versions will work as well. You will have to research bridging software for your particular 64bit DAW - hopefully there will be free-ware  alternatives. Please note: when using Manx products in a 64bit environment (using bridging software) be sure to copy both the .dll and accompanying folder to your VST Plugins location.