Version 1.30 (Build 0096)*
Bit 100 v2
CPU Usage: Heavy
This is identical to the retail version except for a short audio drop out which occurs once per minute.
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Approx.  £15,  €18
BIT 100 v2 Retail Edition
System requirements: The Bit-100 is a vsti instrument - it requires a vst compatible host, which runs under windows. 4 MB hard disk space. (The Bit-100v2 is 32Bit, but will run in most 64Bit DAWs).
The Bit-100 v2 is a VST host compatible virtual instrument for PC / Windows
             General Description:                 Based on the classic       Crumar* Bit-One analog polysynth.                      6 note polyphonic - duophonic unison mode.   Midi Learn for all parameters; Patch memory system                          with full library. Additional features beyond the Bit One: PWM, Osc Level,                           pitch bend range. Provides velocity sensitivity, assignable to PW & LFO rate           as well as the more common destinations.
Consider some of the great analog synthesizers of the 1980's: Roland Jupiter 8, Rhodes Chroma, Elka Synthex, Crumar* Bit One. Well, That last one may not appear on everyone's list, but for the dwindling number of people who own a Crumar* Bit synth, almost all agree that the sound that comes out of this beast is first class - somewhere between an OB-X and a Synthex; bright & punchy but also rich & eerie. Unfortunately, there are a few down sides to this machine - reliability, poor midi spec, missing features and an awkward programming interface are generally the most common grievances. Manx have cast those issues aside with the release of our Bit-100 software emulation of the original Bit One, which combines all of the punchy sound, plus the unique features of the Bit One (such as velocity control of pulse width), with all of the advantages of a software implementation. We’re not aware of any other synth which implements DCOs in quite the same way as the Crumar Bit range. In my opinion, they sound superb. Fortunately, they appear to lend themselves to digital emulation quite well. The Oscillators are complex though, and when combined with our highly refined V2 filter and envelope stages, the result can be heavy CPU usage. Please note that unison mode and oscillator LFO modulation will increase CPU usage considerably, as will long VCA envelope release times.
Bit 100 v2 version 1.3 audio demos (WAV files, external effects / arpeggiator applied / No EQ, except on the multi-tracked complete mix)
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Uploaded: 1-September-17
*Version 1.30 (Build 0068) : - Annoying clicks which were audible when pressing a key with long amp attack now fixed. - CPU consumption improved a little bit.