CPU Usage: Moderate
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Version 1.200 (Build 0030)
CPU Usage: Moderate
This is identical to the retail version except for a short audio gap which occurs once per minute.
Have a listen.................Ultravox Vienna - All sounds from the Manx Destiny v2, with external effects applied to all sounds. Polyphonic parts were layered up. Some parts were double-tracked
( Price is likely to go up!)
Approx.  £25,  €32
Destiny v2 Retail Edition
        Click here to buy & download the Destiny v2 retail version now: (You should try the demo version first to ensure that this software works well with your system.)
The Manx Destiny v2 is a VST host compatible virtual instrument for PC / Windows
                         General Description: Duophonic ‘Odyssey inspired’ Synthesizer (max 2 voices). Midi Learn for all parameters; Patch memory system with full library. 2 LFOs, Sample & Hold, Ring Modulation, PWM, sync, much more... .
Complex modulation facilities and excellent raw oscillators combine to make the original synth a unique, timeless classic. These qualities are brought to you by the Manx Destiny using the same technologies which feature across our entire range. Version 2 has been updated to include our latest filter and envelope designs; other minor issues have been snagged and the default patch library has been completely updated to accommodate the version 2’s new dynamics.
System requirements: The Destiny is a vsti instrument - it requires a vst compatible host, which runs under windows.  64bit DAWs may require bridging software. 14 MB hard disk space. (Mac version is at least 6 months away).