Manx SJ-2 Synthesizer Purchase:
The SJ-2 is currently available as a download, (exclusively from this page.)
Buy the SJ-2 Synthesizer here!
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Manx MM-2 Synthesizer Purchase:
The MM-2 is currently available as a download, (exclusively from this page.)
Manx on-line purchasing is very easy and consists of 3 simple steps; 1) Purchase the MM-2 from the ‘Buy Now’ button below. 2) Upon the completion of the sale, a download of the MM-2 retail version will automatically begin. We will be notified and will email you within 24 hours. Please extract the contents of this download to your vst plugins folder - if you have the MM-2 demo version installed, simply write over (replace) the demo version.  3) The software will need authorizing but you can use the instrument for 30 days before authorization becomes obligatory. We will email you within 24 hours, with a direct link to the MM-2 and your authorisation code.  Please authorize the software with the licence key provided in our email.  You only have to do this once. Keep the licence key safe; you can use it again if you change to using another computer. If you lose the licence key, email us and we’ll send you a new one.
Note: please download and trial the MM-2 free demonstration version first, in order to insure that the instrument works well within your system.