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Will there be a Mac version? Unfortunately our products are not Mac compatible at this time. We would like to put this right, and will be working to achieve Mac compatibility as a major focus, now that version 2 synths have been finalised. I am not aware of any bridging software which can be used to achieve Mac compitability, but if you know otherwise, please tell us! Can I get a discount if I want to buy the entire bundle? When V2 versions are fully rolled out we will offer a bundle discount. If you’ve already bought products, you will be able to update to the bundle by making up the price difference. What can I do if I encounter a technical problem? Get straight onto us via our email address and we will get back to you promptly. heliospheresoftware@yahoo.co.uk DAW Sample rate and Bit depth - Any issues? Manx synths should work just fine regardless of your DAWs sample rate and bit depth settings - higher settings will increase CPU load but will produce enhanced audio quality. Who would you like to thank for their help in the development of the Manx range ? We would like to thank the following contributors: Jeff McClintock David Haupt Daz Disley Rob Herder Rick Jelliffe Chris Kerry Christian-W. Budde
Technical Notes:   A Love of hardware............. All Manx Synths are inspired by actual hardware analog synthesizers - In each case we have developed the software whilst having access to the original instrument, although our concern has been capturing the sonic feel of the instrument rather than specific parameter ranges and dynamics. Adobe Fireworks We regard this to be particularly useful for graphic design. Knobman Thanks guy’s - this is awesome. SynthEdit 1.1 We use SynthEdit as one of our main software production tools. Our regard for this middle-ware continues to increase as we continue to use it - mainly because of its reliability. in our experience SynthEdit 1.1 is limitless tool - it does not through up limitations on what we feel we can achieve through software engineering. Out of about 5,000 compilations we have never had a corrupt dll emerge. Despite our increasingly complex designs, SynthEdit never really falls over, reliably producing object code every time. As a C++ programmer with over 20 years experience in 3D graphics and  AI, I have rarely used a software tool which I have liked as much. ( Mr McClintock, you are a genius. ) Another fine and unusual example of SynthEdit in action:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pT7R4WFeHs