Mac version? Unfortunately our products are not Mac compatible at this time. Mac development is not currently in the works and so no realistic time scale can be given at this stage. What can I do if I encounter a technical problem? Get straight onto us via our email address and we will get back to you promptly. DAW Sample rate and Bit depth - Any issues? Manx synths should work just fine regardless of your DAWs sample rate and bit depth settings - higher settings will increase CPU load but will produce enhanced audio quality. Who would you like to thank for their help in the development of the Manx range ?  We would like to thank the following contributors: Jeff McClintock David Haupt Daz Disley Rob Herder Rick Jelliffe Chris Kerry Christian-W. Budde Hermann Seib
Copyright 2014 Manx Synthesizers - in association with Heliosphere Software, UK
Technical Notes:    A Love of hardware............. All Manx synths are inspired by actual hardware analog synthesizers - We have gone to great lengths to try to capture the ‘sonic feel’ of the original instruments, but specific parameter ranges and component specifications have not been rigorously adhered to. Manx synths are not compatible with SYS-EX midi files. VST Host by Hermann Seib: This excellent  free-ware / donation-ware program runs Manx V2 synths beautifully and has allowed us to check our software on multiple machines with a minimum of fuss. Knobman: Thanks guys - this is a great help. Xara Designer Pro 10 X: Website designed by heliosphere software, UK. Heliosphere Software & Manx Synthesizers  currently use Xara Designer Pro 10 X for all graphic design tasks, including GUIs and conceptual visualisations - we  regard Pro 10 X as a miracle’. SynthEdit 1.1: We use SynthEdit as one of our main software production tools. Our regard for this middle-ware was high to  begin with and continues to increase as we continue to use it - mainly because of its flexibility & reliability. An interesting and unusual example of SynthEdit in action: