The Super-Jay is a VST host compatible virtual instrument for windows Features: Best sounding ‘MKS clone’ available! numerous modulation routings unison mode Oscillator Sync PWM with independent lfos Polyphonic Of all the different kinds of vintage hardware synthesizers, our favourite has to be the wave of programmable polysynths which appeared from the late seventies to mid eighties. It wasn’t just the breakthroughs of polyphony & patch recall that made these instruments special, but they also had a distinctive sound which was quite magical. We're very proud to present the Super-jay as our own tribute to these awesome, IC based beasts! It's no accident that the super-jay sounds the way it does - the Super-Jay features 'algorithms' designed to reproduce subtle audio nuances that you find in analog synthesisers pre-dating the age of DCOs. These same techniques are also used in other Manx Synthesizers but in this case we’ve also worked very hard on authentic reproduction of Curtis oscillator & filter chips, which makes the super-jay sound quite unique even amongst our own products. Audio Example of the Super-Jay in action.................
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System requirements: The Super-Jay is a vsti instrument - it requires a vst compatible host, which runs under windows 32 bit. 20 MB hard disk space. You should download the demo version before buying, in order to check that the Super-Jay works well with your system. The 'Demo' version of the Super-Jay is well worth having even if you never intend to purchase the retail version. The demo version never expires and provides all the functionality of the retail Super-Jay. What you get is a one second gap in the audio output that occurs once every two minutes - more of a nuisance than anything else. Whilst this may be a problem for live use, you can have a lot of fun with the SuperJay Demo in the studio and if you want to use it in a composition, just wait for the one second drop out to occur and start recording with two minutes of output at your disposal. Think of the SuperJay Demo as a gift!
Buy & download the Super-Jay retail version now: (US) $24.99  (You should try the demo version first to ensure that this software works well with your system)
Version 1.4 (Build 2146)