The XS-2 is a VST host compatible virtual instrument for windows Features: Three 6-stage envelope generators Two oscillators, each can output up to 4 waveforms similtaniously The filter section is switchable between polyphonic & mono Midi automation With the XS-2, we’ve emulated DCO technology from the 1980's. Whilst this does feature very stable pitch, DCO's, none the less, exhibit many nuances in timbre according to frequency and several other influencing factors -all of this has been captured in the XS-2's design. In addition, this instrument can emulate all voices being run through a single filter (if you choose this option) - a cheap trick in the 1980's, but it can provide interesting and unique sounds. Add to this, separate six- stage envelopes to each oscillator plus an analog chorus which has been very carefully reproduced and what you get is the perfect complement to our flagship Super-Jay & Bit100 polysynths. Have a listen.................
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System requirements: The Bit-100 is a vsti instrument - it requires a vst compatible host, which runs under windows 32 bit. 5 MB hard disk space. You should download the demo version before buying, in order to check that the XS-2 works well with your system. The 'Demo' version of the XS-2 is well worth having even if you never intend to purchase the retail version. The demo version never expires and provides all the functionality of the retail XS-2. What you get is a one second gap in the audio output that occurs once every two minutes - more of a nuisance than anything else. Whilst this may be a problem for live use, you can have a lot of fun with the XS-2 Demo in the studio and if you want to use it in a composition, just wait for the one second drop out to occur and start audio recording with two minutes of output at your disposal. Think of the XS-2 Demo as a gift!
Buy & download the XS-2 retail version now: $59  (You should try the demo version first to ensure that this software works well with your system)
Version 1.0 (Build 2202)