CPU Usage: Heavy
The XS-4 is a VST host compatible virtual instrument for PC / Windows                             General Description:                               6 note polyphonic.                 Three 6-stage envelope generators.   Two oscillators, each can output up to 4 square                          waves simultaneously.   The filter section is switchable between polyphonic                                  & mono modes.   Programmable midi automation, midi learn for all               parameters, patch library.      The XS-4 attempts to reproduce the sound a group of similar analog synths which appeared in the mid 80ís. Examples are the Korg Poly 800, Siel DK-80 and Suzuki SX-500.  These instruments have a very similar architecture, but do not have identical sonic characteristics.  The oscillators, typically built around chips designed to power organs, do sound very nice when run through an analog filter and a punchy set of envelopes - we felt this was a sound well worth emulating.  The result is the XS-4, and were broadly happy with its performance.   Regrettably, itís rather power hungry (CPU usage) because the oscillators are outputting 8 waveforms per note and the filter / envelope stages are variants of the Manx V2 audio path technologies, which are known to be CPU demanding.  Oscillator pitch modulation will place a particularly high load on the CPU, as will long decay times.  Despite this, we feel that sonically, the instrument has considerable merit; you can assess it yourself, within minutes, by downloading the demo from the link below.
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System requirements: The XS-4 is a vsti instrument - it requires a vst compatible host, which runs under windows.  64bit DAWs may require bridging software. 14 MB hard disk space. (Mac version is at least 6 months away).
Version 1.200 (Build 0039)
CPU Usage: Heavy
This is identical to the retail version except for a short audio gap which occurs once per minute.
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Visualization of the XS-4 as a physical entity. MANX
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Approx.  £25,  €32
XS-4 Retail Edition
Click to buy & download the XS-4 retail version now. (You should try the demo version first to ensure that this software works well with your system.)
Audio Demo - all sounds from the XS-4, (external effects applied) Please refer to the MM-2 audio demo description since this one was  produced im a similar way